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For centuries, Stucco has been known for its durability. It is tough, long lasting, abuse/impact resistant, and flexible in its design.

Stucco is a very attractive solution for finishing a home. It can add a touch of class and modernity to an otherwise old and lifeless home or it can be a practical and cost-friendly solution for raising the property value of a home that is to be put up for sale. Our stucco experts have over 9 years of experience with installing, designing and repairing traditional stucco homes and businesses.

What is Stucco?

Stucco is a material consisting of a binder, an aggregate and water. It is applied wet and will dry to a very hard and dense solid. Stucco is used to decorate walls and ceilings and is often used to improve the appearance of less attractive materials like concrete, cinder-block, or bricks. Stucco is very durable, low maintenance and weather resistant.

Let our team of qualified professionals assist you in the completion and implementation of your Stucco design. From the initial designs to the final completion, from small repairs to comprehensive and complicated projects, our experts will be there to help!

Residential, Commercial, High Rise, Low Rise – Stucco

Here are a few examples of our professional Stucco work. You can see more on our Projects page.