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Whether it be natural or artificial stone, providing special consideration to the placement of random-sized stone is essential to achieve an aesthetically appealing project. Stone is a durable, low-maintenance, fireproof material that adds a natural look. With a wide variety of colour combinations, the use of stone allows for limitless design options adding to the uniqueness of your building. T-Demir brings your design to life with:

  • Years of experience and the skill to diligently install multi-sized, non-uniform stones according to your needs.
  • Consideration for the integration of the stone with the other types of materials when placing random-sized, multi-coloured stone.

Stone, Brick, Precast, Block

Our experienced workforce allows us to accommodate builders’ different project requirements to help ensure each masonry project is completed by its deadline, whether its the timeless classic brick, the natural looking stone, the flexible design precast, or the sturdy block. T-Demir site supervisors monitor timelines and craftsmanship, regularly inspecting jobs to avoid work orders and maintain quality so you are sure to receive the best service possible.

Let our team of qualified professionals assist you in the completion and implementation of your Stone design. From the initial designs to the final completion, from small repairs to comprehensive and complicated projects, our experts will be there to help!

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Here are a few examples of our professional Stone and Masonry work. You can see more on our Projects page.